Why Choose Us?

Why should I choose a pet sitter instead of boarding my pets in a kennel?

blue pawWith a pet boarding facility, all customers pay a flat fee regardless of the needs of their pet. With HHPS, you build your own plan based on your pet’s needs. If all your cat needs is a visit every day or every other day, we can do that. If your dog needs 3 to 4 visits per day to administer medicines, give insulin shots, or just get extra loving or an extra long walk, we can gladly do that as well!

blue pawBecause pet sitters are only working with one home at a time, you can be sure that your pets will receive personal one-on-one attention, unlike what most boarding facilities can provide. While your sitter is at your home, your pets are their only focus and they can do whatever it is that your pet likes, whether it be throwing the frisbee, going for a walk, or cuddling on the couch.

blue pawIf you’ve done a great deal of research on kennels, you have probably found that many charge extra for things like “personal play time”, administering treats, administering meds, walks, photo updates, videos, etc. With a pet sitter, these personal touches are always included at no extra charge. We can also care for smaller pets like hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, fish, bearded dragons, etc.

blue pawIf you have multiple pets, a pet sitter will almost definitely be a more affordable option for you. While almost all kennels will charge per pet, HHPS charges a flat fee per house. The price is the same whether you have 1 pet or 4. This means that families with multiple pets can rest easy knowing that their pets can be together in their own home for significantly less than it would cost to board them.

blue pawPet sitting is a great alternative to kenneling for dogs that have separation anxiety. Staying at home in a familiar environment with someone giving them personal attention on a daily basis can often make your absence much easier for your nervous pet.

blue pawPet sitting allows your pet more freedom than a kennel. They can run free in the house or yard instead of being confined to a kennel for large portions of the day. They also have access to their own bed, toys, treats, etc.

blue pawBoarding facilities only care for your pets. Your pet sitter will not only care for your pets but also your home. Our sitters can water plants, take out the trash, retrieve the paper and mail, perform basic pool maintenance, bring in packages, etc. You have the security of knowing that your pets are safe and happy and also that your home is safe too!

When you board your dog, you don’t typically have any information about the other dogs your pet will spend their days with. With a pet sitter, there is no risk of your pet being exposed to a dog that is sick or aggressive. We will always do whatever is necessary to protect your pets. HHPS sitters do not allow your pet to interact with any dogs outside of your home unless specifically instructed otherwise.

blue pawHHPS does not ever refuse service based on the breed of your dog. We happily care for many pit bulls, rottweilers, Dobermans, etc. When you decide to book your service, we will set up a time to meet with you and your pet. As long as your pet is friendly and your sitter is comfortable with them, we will provide service.